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Telehealth Appointments Now Available

  • We now have Telehealth services to meet the needs of our NEW and EXISTING patients, and will continue to offer this as a convenient and safe way for our patients to receive care through the comfort and safety of their home as we continue to evolve.
  • The Physician will determine if your symptoms meet the criteria for a Telehealth visit.
  • To schedule, call our office at 561-659-2266.
  • You must use a computer or smart phone device with a good internet connection and webcam and will need to be on Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • You will be able to connect through our secure Electronic Medical System, Facetime or option you choose when making your appointment.

Billing and Insurance

  • We will bill your insurance as a Telehealth visit and copays and out-of-pocket costs still apply.
  • Most insurance covers this as an office visit but some plans may exclude this benefit.
  • We will confirm your insurance at the time of scheduling, and it is patient responsibility to provide accurate insurance information or notify the office of any change to insurance at the time of visit.
  • We highly encourage you to call your insurance prior to your appointment to verify your Telehealth coverage as well.

Day of Appointment

  • Please call the office 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to pay your copay or applicable fee.
  • Once you have been ‘checked in’ by our front desk staff, they will instruct you to go to the dedicated site to begin your visit.
  • The provider will be with you as close to your appointment time as possible, but just as in the office, there may be a slight wait.